Traum Diggs

Traum Diggs is a writer and MC with an intense focus on continuing the tradition of substantive and innovative lyricism that first drew him to the pen and paper as a child.  A native of East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY and the son of Caribbean immigrants, Traum Diggs (born David Shanks) began writing rhymes at 10 years old and grew up immersed in Hip-Hop culture. His straightforward, crystal clear delivery is a throwback to when hip-hop music was more authentic yet musically, his sound remains relevant in today’s landscape. “I am an autobiographical emcee,” says Diggs. “I write what I see, think, feel and experience. I don’t know how to pretend.” This revelation has led to Traum coining the word “AudioBioGraphic” to describe his music. He draws the comparison between songwriting and journal writing and has expounded on that relationship in his music and literary contributions. 

Since graduating from Temple University at age 20 with a Bachelors in Journalism, Traum has juggled his time between Corporate America, Freelancing and Freestyling. After years in the 'real world' and stints as a freelance music journalist with, Chambermusik,, and Hip Hop Elements,  Traum rededicated himself to his childhood dream in 2008 and began releasing new material. Through mixtape releases and stage performances throughout the Northeast, Traum slowly began to draw local and online attention. He has headlined his own promo tour, The Mission Tour, and shared stages with industry vets such as Talib Kweli, Pharaohe Monch, Styles P and DJ Premiere. Traum has also lectured and participated in music panels at Rider University, Mercer County Community College and CUNY Rockland. 

In 2012, Traum Diggs released the single “Sax Fifth Avenue Flow” independently via his own label 623 Entertainment. Through a slow and steady push the song has become a favorite amongst underground hip-hop fans worldwide and has garnered acclaim and recognition on social and online media as well as mentions from mainstream artists. To date, it’s music video for has gained over 300K views on YouTube.

“Sax Fifth Avenue Flow” has opened doors internationally for Diggs and he has jumped at the opportunity to work with a variety of styles, genres and cultures. He has collaborated with artists in the UK, Canada, Poland, Spain, and beyond and in 2013 released a joint EP with Argentinian musician/producer Gas-Lab entitled Jazz Hop. The album has continued to expand Traum’s global fan base and has also helped his brand domestically scoring a Top 10 debut on CMJ’s (College Music Journal) Top 40 Hip-Hop Charts. Traum has also continued his career as a writer/journalist contributing to the books Hip Hop in America: A Regional Guide (2009, ABC-CLIO, Inc.), Expressive Writing: Classroom and Community (2014, Rowman and Littlefield) and The Dirty Version: On Stage, In the Studio and In the Streets with Ol' Dirty Bastard (2014, Dey St./Harper Collins).  


Major Journalism

Traum Diggs & The Confluence

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Debut album from Traum Diggs produced by Ron Thaler and featuring all live instrumentation courtesy of The Confluence.

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